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How to Fix Healthcare: QUOTE!


The quickest way to fix healthcare is to require that doctors provide quotes BEFORE delivering service. If most of us knew what our doctors PLANNED to charge before providing their services I suspect healthcare would cost a LOT less. Here is a recent experience I had with a service I would have rejected had I known the cost:

In July my daughter was running around her aunt’s house and bumped her head on a chair sustaining a small cut above her eye. It didn’t appear that she needed stitches, but out of an abundance of caution I decided to take her to Doctors Express @ Frankford Crossing located just down the street from my sister’s house. The admitting nurse took a look at the cut and agreed with my opinion that all the cut needed was a bandage. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield and the co-pay for walk-in clinic services is $65. I figured it was worth $65 to have Dr. Donald Dunlap Jr. look at the cut and have the nurse clean and bandage the wound. I would hate to be wrong and leave a scar on my beautiful daughter’s face. We were in and out in 20 minutes. Everyone was very nice and I thought nothing of it until I received a bill from Doctor’s Express.

  1. Laceration Repair, Simple, Face, <2.5cm                     $667.00
  2. Office Evaluation and Management Services, NP       $405.00
  3. Services provided in Urgent Care Center                         $25.00

TOTAL: $1,097.00

I was completely shocked. Almost $1100 for an opinion and a bandage? In the past I’ve seen similar charges; however, what made these MORE shocking was the fact that Blue Cross Blue Shield was only going to cover $71.44. I paid $65.00 at the time of service for a total payment of $136.44 for a bandage and an opinion that she didn’t need stitches. Seems like a lot? I agree. Had the doctor told me that he was going to charge almost $1100 I would have politely excused myself and headed over to CVS to find my own bandage.