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Update on ‘TEN’ my Mentoring Program

Ten-Logo-2Back in April I announced my mentorship experiment I called ‘TEN’. The plan was simple, find ten entrepreneurs and spend a year working with them on their businesses. The idea was that by spending MORE time with FEWER entrepreneurs I could make a more significant impact AND have more time to work on my own startup. Time for an update.

After announcing the program I had more than 40+ applications and quickly selected the first ten with plans to bring them on over three months. To date I have ‘turned up’ five entrepreneurs, had three drop out before starting and had one fire me. The companies include:

  • 3 Tech Startups (two seed funded)
  • 1 Medical Startup (seed funded)
  • 1 Real Estate Business (going concern)

I’m charging $1,000 a month (12 month commitment) and ask for a modest ‘advisor’ stock option. Next week I bring on the final entrepreneur from the original ten and I’m not sure if I will try to replace the four open slots. If someone REALLY wants to get in I will consider opening one of the slots, but its definitely going to be on a case-by-case basis.

As for the entrepreneur who ‘fired’ me? As Kevin O’ Leary would say, “You’re dead to me!”


In all seriousness, I only spent an hour or two talking to the entrepreneur and we discussed the various options. He was convinced he wanted to raise more capital and ‘run’ his company. When I found out he had an offer to buy the company for a REAL number I made the case that he could do BOTH – i.e. take his money off of the table and run the company. He thought about it for a week or two and decided to take my advice. He then informed me that he didn’t really need anymore help. My only thought? KARMA IS A BITCH. Seriously, if you’re about to negotiate a seven to eight figure deal isn’t that the moment when you’d actually want some advice – especially advice that only costs you $12,000! I have attempted to buy and sell several companies – sometimes I was successful and sometimes I wasn’t – but in each case I came away with useful experience. Anyway, I got my ego bruised a little bit on this one, but life goes on.