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Announcing ‘TEN’

For more than five years I’ve been actively involved in the Dallas startup community. During that time I have advised scores of entrepreneurs; however, I’ve often wondered how valuable my advice really was. For example, in the last thirty days I have ‘touched’ almost 100 different entrepreneurs. Touches include emails, voicemails, texts and face-to-face meetings – 100 unique connections over 30 days. I’m giving advice, making suggestions, referring employees and investors, but there is no way I have enough information about 100 entrepreneurs and startups to give any sort of valuable advice and I wonder how valuable my referrals are? What do I REALLY know about these people/companies? Truthfully, I have no idea. Additionally, I am spending a LOT of time providing this potentially dubious advice – maybe 20 hours a month. I decided that something MUST change so I am starting what I am calling TEN.

Ten-Logo-2My plan is to select 10 entrepreneurs I will spend one year coaching, advising and supporting. These entrepreneurs will be hand selected by me based on just a few factors including: how well I think we will get along, how coach-able they are, how relevant my experience would be for their business and how bullish I am on their endevour. Here is the plan:

  • 1 group meeting per month (2hrs+dinner, think EO, YPO, Vistage)
  • 1 one-on-one meeting per week (1hr)
  • 4 quarterly trips to Silicon Valley, 2-3 day (vc/angel networking)
  • 1 graduation retreat, Fri-Sun (city/venue selected by group)

The focus of these meetings will be on:

  • building teams, advisory boards, and BoDs
  • developing products and services (mobile, web, infrastructure)
  • raising capital
  • selling
  • marketing and pr

Interested? I’m going to charge you, a LOT. I’ve learned that people rarely value anything they get for free. I don’t plan to take on a single company that I don’t think I can add at least a million dollars in value within twelve months so hopefully you will be able to stomach the deal. The monthly fee for the engagement will be $1,000 (compare to a typical board member at $40,000/yr) plus a small equity component (whatever you are giving advisers). The term will be 12 months with a termination clause. If you do not want to continue for any reason you must pay the remaining term at 50% or find someone to replace yourself in the group that a majority of the group will approve. So basically you pay $12,000 for 100 hours of my time – a pretty great deal if you ask me.

I’ll be putting the first TEN class together in the next couple of months. If you are interested let me know by applying here: TEN APPLICATION