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One Word: Video

In the Graduate Mr. McGuire told Ben, “I just want to say one word to you, just one word, PLASTICS. There is a great future in plastics…” Here is the clip for those of you who missed it the first time:

Assuming Mr. McGuire were alive today I suspect he would replace plastics with video. Video is huge and it is getting bigger, fast. The statistics from just last month are simply staggering. More than 180 million Americans watched more than 41 billion online videos last month (that is 85% of the total US Internet audience)! Online video advertising is exploding as well with more than 15.8 billion video ad views last month (53% of the total US population saw an average of 96 video ads). Also, if you think all if this is attributable to YouTube you might be surprised to learn that YouTube only represents about a third of the market. In fact, YouTube isn’t the biggest ad platform – BrightRoll is with 2.6 billion ad impressions last month.


Video Production Coworking Space in Dallas

Yesterday I sent out a very informal Tweet and Facebook message asking if anyone would be interested in being a part of coworking facility with studio space for video (green screen, whisper room, edit bays). Basically a place where you could have rent a few desks AND access video production facilities. Located in the Dallas Design District. Much like YouTube’s Space:

The interest was overwhelming. We are considering a few options including building something on our own or partnering with an existing coworking facility (The DEC, Common Desk or WELD). I got all of your FB messages and DMs indicating your interest, but I need a little more information. How about sending me an email with the following information:

Send to:

1. Level of interest: 1-10 (1 being keep me posted and 10 being I am definitely moving in)

2. Production facilities needed: (please describe what you would need in the facility)

3. Office space needed: (please describe if you would work from the space full-time or just when you were using the production facilities, would you need an office, a permanent desk or a common desk – please indicate number of humans you will have working in the space)

4. What is your monthly budget: (how much could you afford to pay if you got the facilities and space that you needed to operate)

5. Other: (anything I should know, would you be willing to loan the facility any equipment – lights, cameras etc)

6. Name of Company

7. Phone Number

I’ll create a mailing list to keep you in the loop on the status of the idea. My goal isn’t to run this facility – it is simply to find a space that is affordable and fun for my own startup (HAUL). If you are of a like mind let me know.