October 31, 2014

The Dallas Startup Scene is on Fire!

Back in 2005 I read about other startups in Dallas, but I didn’t really know anyone else actually starting anything. What was missing? I think we simply didn’t have the people and places to connect the community. Fast forward eight years and one could argue that Dallas is a lot more connected than the Bay [...]

QVC x YouTube = HAUL?

In this month’s edition of Vanity Fair Bruce Feirstein suggests that ‘Everything old is new again’ and provides the following historical analysis. What did he miss? Valpak Coupons + Internet Explorer = Groupon Scrapbooking x iPhone = Pinterest The Sears Catalog + A mouse = Amazon The Rotary Club x Fiber-Optic Cable = LinkedIn Pearle [...]

Boulder Startup Week

Each May the startup community in Boulder hosts a 5-day event called Boulder Startup Week in an effort to showcase the unique startup culture found in this tiny Colorado city. This year I was invited to attend and spent the last three days taking in all that Boulder could offer. It was an amazing experience [...]

My Next Big Thing. . .

Lots of you are asking about what I am up to these days so I thought I would give you a little update. Since January I have been working on a new startup called HAUL. Initially, spending all of my free time learning all I could about the market and attempting to formulate a plan [...]