Obama, Kill This Startup Now!

Normally I am railing against government intrusion into the private sector, but today I am making a personal appeal to President Obama to DESTROY a startup called Blueseed. Peter Thiel has backed Blueseed and according to BI and the AP, “The company aims to sidestep the U.S. current regulations by building vessels that would float in international waters near Silicon Valley and serve as technology incubators for entrepreneurs who can’t get visas to do business in the U.S.”

There are scores of highly educated people who are ready and willing to bring their talents to the US to help create jobs. Why are we keeping them out? Just the other day I read about a startup that had to move to Hong Kong because their visas were expiring. We need to make it easy for entrepreneurs (i.e. job creators) to get to America – they shouldn’t have live on boats just outside international waters. Lets get these people in the country as fast as possible – lets unleash their creativity and let them create the next Google or Facebook.

Note to Peter Thiel and Blueseed: Thank you for doing more to resolve this issue than our leaders are willing to do. Kudos!





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