My first week using ShopSavvy Wallet

While we haven’t officially launched ShopSavvy Wallet you can set yours up if you update ShopSavvy on iOS or Android. This week was the first week I spent a lot of time playing with the feature. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours at Barnes & Noble scanning books. In EVERY case I was able to find the book, DVD or product from one of the retailers who supports our wallet (Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target, and so on) for less money. In fact I was pretty excited that EVEN with shipping I was able to buy books from the Barnes & Noble Marketplace for less than I could get them in the store with my membership. I bought about seven books and I was able to save anywhere from $3 to $22 on each book. The only downside? I am buying way to many things – I am a little nervous about what my credit card bill will look like this month.

‘Slide to Pay’ is an awesome feature. I simply scan the book, find the blue ‘buy it now’ button next to the retailer, tap it, review my order and ‘slide to pay’. Seconds later (much faster than I could buy from the same website on my Mac) I get confirmation that the book is on its way to my office. Neat. Over the coming weeks (in preparation for Christmas) we will be adding 20-30 new retailers.

In the last five days more than 4677 users have created wallets. If you would create one and buy something I would love your feedback. Holiday shopping in 2011 won’t be the same if you do – I promise. Here is a quick video of me using the wallet feature in ShopSavvy:




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