October 24, 2014

My proposal for Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program

I have always appreciated the Marine Toys for Tots program each year. This afternoon I was wondering how we (i.e. ShopSavvy) might be able to leverage our platform to help collect toys in October, November and December and distribute them as Christmas gifts to needy children around the country. I had an idea. What if [...]

The Hamilton Mixtape

If Alexander Hamilton could make it in America, anyone can make it here:

Why Google+ will release Twitter and Facebook for me

Mike Elgan helped explain why I think Google+ is a game changer. “Instead of saying, “I’m going to write a blog post now,” or “I’m going to send an e-mail” or “I think I’ll tweet something” you simply say what you have to say, then decide who you’re going to say it to.” -  If [...]

Where should you start your startup?

I have lived in Dallas since 1996 and over the years I have started more than my fair share of startups. I have been a big proponent of living and working in Dallas, but over the past few years it has become very apparent to me that my decision to locate my startups here in [...]