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My experience with Virgin America – DFW-SFO

Our San Francisco team members are HUGE fans of Virgin America airlines so when they announced service to Dallas they wouldn’t  leave me alone until I tried it out for myself. I bought a full-fare, first class, round trip ticket from DFW to SFO. The flight out was pretty good. Mood lighting, nice flight attendants, WiFi and great food. The next day I arrived at the airport in San Francisco only to learn that my full-fare first class ticket was seated in a middle seat in coach. After much to-do I accepted the middle seat in coach and waited at the gate. The gate attendant explained that the flight would be delayed as we were waiting on some late arriving passengers. rumor was the CEO, Sir David Cush, was going to be on our flight. When David arrived he took my his seat in first class. I walked passed him and took my seat between two men who were about the same size as me (i.e. big). The TVs in coach were nice and I thought it was a cool feature you could order drinks and food via the touch screen. Sadly, the system did not accept my AMEX card and I was unable to order anything. So I sat quietly in my cramped little seat as I watched David’s party begin up in first class. Virgin America didn’t offer me anything but a smile and apology for my inconvenience. I tweeted my frustration and an agent sent me a direct message suggesting that I should email him if I had any concerns – thought my concerns were pretty obvious, but just so there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding I figured it was worth a blog post. My opinion about Virgin America? I am biased, but I think they suck…

What would Sir Richard Branson have done? He would have traded seats with me (picture of Sir Richard in coach):