October 25, 2014

Junior Achievement: My First Real Startup

I got my start in business at a fairly young age delivering papers, mowing lawns, shoveling driveways and walking dogs, but my first real startup experience happened in high school in a program sponsored by Junior Achievement. We began the year by splitting up in companies and over the next several weeks we learned how [...]

Why is capitalism maligned by the Left?

Have you followed the latest meme started by Mike Arrington? It began with a post titled, “Startups are hard. So work more, cry less and quit all the whining.” The title seemed innocuous and content to of the post basically explained that startups have always been hard, highlighting a 1994 quote from early Netscape engineer [...]

My thoughts on our latest release: ShopSavvy 5

I can’t believe it, but we have been working on ShopSavvy for over three years – the original version of the app was released in November 2008. Today we released the fifth major update to the application (on iOS and Android). The primary focus of the release is our new wallet feature. Here is a [...]

Think twice about using the courts to get even. . .

Liz Gannes from All Things D recently wrote a story about a founder who is suing Benchmark Capital for stealing his idea. The founder, Raj Abhyanker, tells a oft repeated story about how his ‘idea’ was lifted by a venture capital firm. After reading the details I am fairly certain Raj doesn’t have a case [...]

Counteroffers and Threats

Companies like ShopSavvy are in hiring mode. They are looking for the best and brightest in their fields to come join their teams. Often the ‘best and brightest’ are working for other companies and aren’t actively seeking new employment. Of course many of these candidates aren’t opposed to looking at new opportunities. Tip One: Make [...]

We just raised $7M, now what?

Back in October I wrote a post titled, “Post Funding, The Real Work Begins…” We had closed on the first million dollars of our eventual $7M round and everyone was spending a lot of time congratulating us. Now that we have closed on the full round (read more about it here) I thought it might [...]

Turning 40, Progress Report

Back in August I wrote about my plan to get serious about my health on the eve of my 40th birthday. I thought it was time for an update. In July I weighed 260 pounds and my goal for November (fyi – I realize it is still October) was 214. Today I weighed 212 – [...]

Post Funding, The Real Work Begins. . .

If you have ever attempted to raise capital for your startup idea you are in pretty good company. Once you have actually raised capital for your startup idea you are part of a relatively exclusive club. Your close friends and family (who know how long you have been working on raising a round) will congratulate [...]

My first week using ShopSavvy Wallet

While we haven’t officially launched ShopSavvy Wallet you can set yours up if you update ShopSavvy on iOS or Android. This week was the first week I spent a lot of time playing with the feature. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours at Barnes & Noble scanning books. In EVERY case I was able [...]

On turning 40…

I have been thinking about turning 40 ever since last November when I turned 39. Looking at the picture of myself on the left when I was 20 and the picture of me on the right of me at 39 I couldn’t believe how hard the last 20 years had been on my body. Eight [...]