October 25, 2014

Paul Allen’s Legacy: Patent Troll

Last month my father’s old boss and billionaire, Paul Allen, announced he was going to give away the majority of his $13.5 billion net worth to charity. Kudos for Paul! When Paul and Bill co-founded Microsoft I wonder if they had any idea how big an impact their company and the resulting wealth would have [...]

After post D&B revises our risk rating!

Just last week I wrote a post titled, “Dun & Bradstreet Class Action Lawsuit?” where I explain how D&B explained to other businesses that our company had a “High risk of severe financial stress of the next 12 months”. Here is what our potential customers saw: This week, after I wrote the post, D&B has [...]

Dun & Bradstreet Class Action Lawsuit?

Have you ever heard of a company called Dun & Bradstreet? They are ‘sort’ of like Experian for businesses – supposedly helping their subscribers to make credit decisions about suppliers. Recently a potential client of one of our company’s ran a D&B report on our company. The score came back very low and the company [...]

Capital Factory Demo Day

Austin-based Capital Factory accelerator program – their second annual Demo Day is coming up on Wednesday, September 8th As the culmination of a ten-week technology accelerator program this summer, Capital Factory’s Demo Day will provide the five portfolio start-ups with the opportunity to launch their business concept to the world and specifically, to attending investors, [...]

Don’t buy the Ferrari. . .

I’ll have to admit I am guilty of this one. When I raised my first round for my first startup I immediately bought a Porsche. I used my own money, but it sent the wrong message to my wife, investors, partners, employees, customers and vendors. It is hard to negotiate salary with prospective employees when [...]

Small Startup Happy Hour Tonight @ CoHabitat

Small startup happy hour at CoHabitat tonight at 6PM http://cot.ag/aesQpi Our big startup happy hour event is in Oct: http://bit.ly/anRLzT.