November 1, 2014

Scanner Kit SDK 4.0 Available Today!

Just a quick note about the Big in Japan team’s latest milestone. Yesterday they released the iOS4 compatible barcode scanner SDK for developers. If you are a developer who has already used our SDK in your app to scan barcodes or you are a developer thinking about using our SDK in your app – please [...]

On NDAs (revisited)

Everyone in Dallas seems to be building a mobile application and lots of these people call or email me to share their ideas with me. More than a few of these entrepreneurs ask me to sign an NDA before they are willing to ask for my feedback and/or advice. The quick answer is that I [...]

Republicans hate the unemployeed?

The Washington Monthly is running an article by Steve Benen titled, “Republicans just don’t like the unemployed.” Feel free to read the post, but the title really says it all. Democrats like Steve (generally) think that extending unemployment benefits will help ‘fix’ the jobs problem here in the United States. They suggest that if you [...]

Thank Google for sniffing your network!

This is the story that won’t die and perhaps that is a good thing. Some background: Google hires drivers to carry their photographic and wifi listening equipment on almost all of the streets of the world. Starting in 2006 Google’s listening system began storing ‘snippets’ of email, text, photographs and websites from wireless access points [...]