October 23, 2014

WOOT! Sold to Amazon for $110M

The Amazon folks have been in Dallas visiting ShopSavvy, but their real reason for the visits must have been the WOOT! deal. MG Siegler is reporting Matt Rutledge just sold his business for $110M to Amazon. I have tried to meet with Matt over the years, but he would never return my calls. After I [...]

I wish iPhone developers were more like my eight year old. . .

We are in the process of interviewing several candidates for positions at Big in Japan (HTML5 Ad Designers, iPhone Developer, Blackberry Developer, Android Developer, .NET Developer, PHP/JAVA Developer) and it shocks me how many candidates have no examples of their work. Before agreeing to interview an iPhone developer I ALWAYS ask them for a list [...]

Groupon is like playing Russian Roulette

If you haven’t heard of Groupon you are likely over 35, married or male. Groupon is a really cool idea. Each day the site makes a single group offer available. What sort of deals can you get? Pretty standard stuff such as: $3 for a bagel that would normally cost you $8 $15 for cupcakes [...]

How to keep a secret. . .

Earlier this week I watched as an entrepreneur lied to a venture capitalist about an acquisition only to be proven a liar an hour later. I thought it was worth a post. Lets say you are in talks with a huge ecommerce company to buy your startup. Those talks go well and you close the deal, but [...]

Hacker Angels

Are you a coder, developer or a hacker? There is a an angel group made up of self described hackers designed for you. The group is called Hacker Angels and includes Going Inc. founder and current AOL executive Roy Rodenstein, Delicious founder Joshua Schachter, Duck Duck Go’s Gabriel Weinberg, Hotornot’s Jim Young, and Punchfork founder [...]

Sport the Startup Happy Hour 2.0 Badge

I just posted the Startup Happy Hour 2.0 badge over on the Big in Japan blog. If you are a sponsor it might make sense to put the badge on your website/blog (I have asked Jose to add it here). If you haven’t joined the group, go ahead and join now. Our first ‘new’ meeting [...]

Should you leave Dallas to get funded?

Back in the 1990s my father told me to move to the Valley if I wanted to raise money. I proved him wrong, but he was right. It would have been a LOT easier to raise money for my startup in San Francisco. Ryan Roberts, my very own startup lawyer, points to a great paper [...]

Dallas TechFest, Sign Up Now!

Bradley Joyce has the scoop on the Dallas TechFest. The popular event hosts more than 400 developers here in Big D on July 30th at the University of Texas at Dallas. The event is sponsored by Microsoft. Sessions include: Silverlight, HTML 5, MVVM, TDD, MonoTouch for iPhone, ASP.NET, TypeMock, Clojure, Java, Zend Framework, PHP, API, [...]

How much should startup CEOs make?

More than a decade ago I asked for $145,000 as CEO of the startup I founded. The investors didn’t balk. I would have been embarrassed to ask for more, but I bet I could have asked for more. Ryan Roberts, the Startup Lawyer, suggests that $300,000 is an unreasonable yearly salary for a CEO to [...]

Free Barcode Scanner License

We thought it might make sense to create a distinct home for our free barcode scanning libraries and thought http://www.freebarcodescanner.com would work. If you need a scanning library for your mobile app and you don’t have a lot of money, consider using our free library. We use it for ShopSavvy – the world’s leading price [...]