October 30, 2014

Startup thought No. 124: How to divide the cadaver

How do you a startup has died (at least one that is pre-funding)? When the co-founders begin to argue about how to divide the assets of the once promising venture. It amuses me to see how vigorously they fight over the cadaver. If they invested as much passion in actually executing on their vision as [...]

Is the Dallas Business Journal Relevant Anymore?

I would argue that for the Entrepreneurial Community in Dallas the Dallas Business Journal is irrelevant. We don’t read it. We don’t advertise in it. Of course it doesn’t have to be this way. Gary Hooker, who is one of the owners of Imaginuity, copied me on an email he sent the editor of the [...]

Our latest version of ShopSavvy is LIVE!

I am really excited to announce ShopSavvy 4 is available in the iTunes store. The full story is over at the Big in Japan Blog in a post titled, “ShopSavvy 4 available in iTunes NOW!” Here is a short overview video we cut together last week:

How to sell your startup (Hint: hire a banker)

Dean Takahashi wrote an interesting story in SocialBeat describing a fireside chat with Jay Adelson the former Digg CEO. In light of the company’s recent decline and hopeful restart Jay was asked if he regretted not selling Digg when he had the chance. It was widely reported that Digg received offers to sell between $80-100 [...]

Is downside risk mitigation important to investors?

Over the years I have learned that my assumption that all investors seek to minimize downside risk is just plain wrong. For example, venture investors want to ensure their capital has a chance at generating out-sized returns. They have limited resources (time and money) to make the best investments as possible. Mitigating downside risk doesn’t [...]

You aren’t the only who can or are doing whatever you are doing. . .

Lots of entrepreneurs spend a lot of time telling investors they are the only ones who can do this or that particular thing. While other entrepreneurs explain how their method or model is better than all of the other methods or models. Polite investors just sit back and hold their tongues as they recount how [...]

Capital Factory Demo Day!

Today is Demo Day at Austin’s Capital Factory. The event runs through 3PM and features five startups including: Hurricane Party – a location-based social networking application that helps users create, manage and discover events that are relevant to them. RecycleMatch – an online market for waste and recyclables that helps companies make waste a resource. [...]

Entrerpeneurship Survey Request

Take a moment to fill out this LONG survey about entrepreneurship in Texas: http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22B3CUQDYM8 Together with our co-sponsors, the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UT Dallas, the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Metroplex Technology Business Council, the Houston Technology Center, the Rice Alliance, and IC2 at UT Austin, [...]

Paul Allen’s Legacy: Patent Troll

Last month my father’s old boss and billionaire, Paul Allen, announced he was going to give away the majority of his $13.5 billion net worth to charity. Kudos for Paul! When Paul and Bill co-founded Microsoft I wonder if they had any idea how big an impact their company and the resulting wealth would have [...]

After post D&B revises our risk rating!

Just last week I wrote a post titled, “Dun & Bradstreet Class Action Lawsuit?” where I explain how D&B explained to other businesses that our company had a “High risk of severe financial stress of the next 12 months”. Here is what our potential customers saw: This week, after I wrote the post, D&B has [...]