November 1, 2014

One year later: Slingbox for Mac

I bought my Slingbox more than a year ago without realizing it didn’t support OSX. Finally, the public beta Slingbox client is available for download here. Now where did I put the Slingbox… [update: I can't get it to work - will pay someone to set it up.  Had our guys out to my house [...]

1000 Lbs Web Hosting Gorilla: Amazon?

If you are in the hosting business I would look over your shoulder, because your favorite bookseller is making big wins in the web hosting business.  What?  Yes, Amazon is really making an impact in the space and big hosting companies are starting to feel it.  We are incorporating their services in EVERYTHING we are [...]

Flat Stanley’s 72 Hour Flickr Vacation

My son, Ethan, has a little school project to send Flat Stanley on a vacation.  I was supposed to mail Flat Stanley out a few weeks ago, but somehow the assignment slipped through the cracks.  I decided that instead of using the postal service to mail Stanley I would use Flickr.  I posted a hi-res [...]

Don’t skip the start! There is a Plan B.

Pascal said that things are always best at the beginning. I suspect he was referring to math problems, but I think it works for startups. Raising venture capital at the VERY start is like skipping high school and going directly to college. You get done quicker, but miss some of the most important learning. Okay, [...]

Conference of the week: AstriCon

Light posting week given the fact that the team is split between the Astricon Asterisk conference, Digital Hollywood and the Business Blogging Summit. The Asterisk conference is where I am at (with Alex Leverington). Asterisk HAS changed the telecom world forever ~ and we haven’t seen anything yet. More on Asterisk later! Here are photos [...]

Rails eating PHP’s lunch. . .

Robin Luckey at Ohloh says “PHP Eats Rails for Breakfast.”  Robin is right, but soon Rails will be eating PHP’s lunch.  As Robin points out in the following graph (via Brad Feld): Lots of new PHP lines are being added each year, i.e. PHP has been dominating Python and Perl for some time, but in [...]

Dallas INFOMART Booming!

Our primary offices are located in the INFOMART and Architel manages technology for the building’s owners, Palo Alto based DCI Technology.  The INFOMART is a 1.6 million square foot technology mecca located just on the edge of downtown Dallas.  Every major telecom provider has space within the building, not to mention several of the leading [...]

John Hensley’s Fancast Interview

The Big in Japan fancast (a podcast by the fans of a show – in this case Nip/Tuck) is hitting its stride with the most recent interview with John Hensley.  In the first installment of the fancast Kelly Carlson was interviewed by five fans.  In my view it was annoying the way that all five [...]

When big is good. . .

Dad is blogging (When it absolutely, positively needs to get to Siberia!) about a shipment he is making to Siberia using the world’s largest cargo plane.  How do you get half a million pounds of electronics across the planet in less than a week?  Evidently the only way to do it is using the Antonov [...]

Most VC deals are now outside of Silicon Valley

Has anyone ever heard of the internet?  I hear it is changing things, making location not as important.  Fred Wilson commented on a meme that Paul Graham started titled, “Houston can kill your startup!“  Fred’s point?  More than two thirds of all venture capital dollars are spent on non-Silicon Valley startups.  Randall Stross with the [...]