October 31, 2014

Big in Japan News: Fancast is Famous!

FX just sent me a clip on their on-air promotion for the Nip/Tuck Fancast Big in Japan built.  Check it out by clicking here:

Thirteen months of hell!

I run across people who want to start their own business all of the time. Sometimes I even hire them (typically a bad idea). Most people have no idea how much hard work and time it takes to create a new business. In most cases I think it is impossible to start seeing returns before [...]

7-Eleven Dumps Citgo! (do they read my blog?)

Last week I suggested that Americans should stop doing business with Venezuela’s state-run oil company, Citgo Petroleum Corp in a post titled, “How you can respond to crazy!“  I noted in my post that 7-Eleven resold Citgo gas.  Perhaps it was due to my post, or more likely due to Hugo Chavez calling our President [...]

Rails and Usability!

It is no secret that we are fans of Ruby on Rails. Last night Big in Japan launched Fancast for FX Network’s hit series Nip/Tuck. Most users are impressed with the VoIP and podcast integration, but they were frustrated by the delayed gratifcation associated with the account creation/registration process. Jeremy Pepper, a public relations pro [...]

On fences, immigration and racism. . .

Here in Texas the rhetoric related to the immigration issue has reached a new low. More and more Latino/Hispanic leaders have taken the position that you are a racist if you support border control. For several months they have painted Republicans and Democrats alike as racists for supporting tighter controls on the borders. You can’t [...]

Has Fred Wilson Jumped the Shark?

When I began reading blogs more than a year ago Fred Wilson’s “A VC” blog was on the top of my blog roll. His message was unique, true and fresh. For me it was a unique perspective into the venture capital world, a world that I thought I understood fairly well. Over time the uniquenss [...]

Please Test and Post Comments Here

If you have a moment we would love your help.  We are testing our Fancast system and need a few beta testers.  Visit the Nip/Tuck fancast site and generate a call: http://fancast.biggu.com/niptuck.  When you are done let us know what doesn’t work for you on this blog.

Ethan and Spot’s Adventure

Ethan’s kindergarten class has a mascot named Spot.  Each weekend one of the students brings the mascot home for an adventure.  Ethan took spot to see the Apollo 7 space capsule at the Frontiers of Flight Museum (on loan from the Smithsonian).  Spot enjoyed the ride…

Entrepreneurial Leadership: Embrace Mistakes

I don’t know if it’s the amazing success of Pittsburgh Steeler rookie quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, but I’ve been involved in an inordinate number of conversations about leadership recently. That has got me thinking about the various aspects of leadership. Among the most important traits, a leader must create a culture that embraces mistakes. First, you [...]

Wanted: Lego Mindstorm NXT

Note to Mom, I want this for my birthday: