October 22, 2014

Sprint EVDO Revision A Card (also, plea for help!)

I am a satisified Sprint EVDO customer, but today I learned that Sprint will be releasing the faster EVDO Revision A card later this year.  Here is the news: Designed for operation with compatible laptops as well as the soon-to-be-available Linksys Wireless G-Router for Mobile Broadband, the Merlin S720 will allow customers to connect to [...]

Kiko’s Web 2.0 Failure Nets $258,100 Cash!

For those of you living under a rock, Kiko was put up for sale on eBay. Kiko was touted by many as a failure, but for those in the know it was built for $50,000 in convertible debt (guess how much the banker got? $3800 – i.e. eBay was the intermediary) creating around $200,000 in [...]

Web 2.0 Failures: Less Painful

Fred Wilson and Paul Kedrosky are blogging about Web 2.0® failures.  Paul is talking about the lack of failures to date and Fred is suggest we wait, they’ll come.  Fred explains that it takes time to fail, perhaps 12 to 18 months just to run out of cash.  John Battelle notes that Web 2.0® companies [...]

Global Warming = More Glaciers!

According to researchers global warming is causing glaciers to grow.  Researchers at Newcastle University looked at temperature trends in the western Himalaya over the past century.  They found warmer winters and cooler summers, combined with more snow and rainfall, could be causing some mountain glaciers to increase in size.  The findings are significant, because temperature [...]

Utility Computing Delivery Model

According to TechCrunch, Amazon is jumping into the utility computing space. We have been working on our own clustering/grid offering and the question of “how to price” computing capacity has been a hot topic. We have been focusing on the 50% the price of the other guys model, but that will only work for a [...]

BarCamp Venue Change

Note that the location of BarCamp Texas has changed.  The new location is: Elysium, check the Barcamp wiki for more information.

BarCamp Texas

Whurley’s BarCamp Texas is being held between 8.26.06 & 8.27.06 Thistle Cafe ,300 W. 6th Street, Austin, Texas. I won’t be there (I will be in Legoland istead), but Alex Leverington will be there (hopefully) showing off the new version of SimpleTicket.

Attracting private investors

In this post we will continue the discussion about private investors.  Last post’s primary takeaway was that there are significant differences among private investors and it is incumbent upon the first-time entrepreneur to understand that, first, and then use it to his advantage to conduct a successful fund raising effort on reasonable terms. This time [...]

Partner Sought to Leverage our Computing Assets

The Spur brands (Big in Japan, Architel and SimpleTicket) previously utlized our own small data center (perhaps 20 cabinets on raised floor with all the standard bells and whistles). This month we were fortunate enough to acquire a significantly more robust facility built by McLeod Telecommunications. This new multi-million dollar facility will easily accomodate the [...]

Prospects for Google = Gloomy?

If you believe the executives at Google the future for Google is not so hot.  Over the past 18 months some of the richest people in the world, who also happen to work at Google, have decided that the stock is overvalued.  Not a single insider has bought a single share of Google stock in [...]