October 30, 2014

Logoworks tackles Spur branding

Michael Arrington wrote about Logoworks recent redesign (I like it much better now).  He even had them take a pass at the TechCrunch logo.  We have been talking about Logoworks for a long while and have used their service on seven projects.  Our latest is the branding of our new company name: Spur.  Here are [...]

Texas Pacific Group Raises New Fund

The TPG guys (Fort Worth) are raising their second biotech fund with a $400MM target size.  They plan to invest $20MM per company and have already made a few investments including a round for drug developer Avidia, Five Prime Therapeutics and FoldRx. For those of you who don’t know about TPG (from their website): Texas [...]

Targeting users with Valleyschwag!

The Big in Japan team decided they didn’t have enough female users so they decided to use Valleyschwag‘s May edition to reach some of the most clued in and influential women in the world.  They created a summer edition of their Mash-Up shirt just for female subscribers of Valleyschwag.  The shirts are babydoll style and [...]

Big in Japan released SocialMail

Big in Japan released SocialMail last week without much fanfare. The latest powertool released by the Biggu team allows users to create email addresses that are accessible via RSS only. Reading your email via RSS feeds is not unique, Google has allowed it for a while. What is unique is that the addresses are casual, [...]

Web 2.0 = jumped the shark. . .

I think May 24th, 2006 will be the date that everyone decides that the term Web 2.0 is tired and should be taken out behind the woodshed and shot. Why the 24th?  On that date, CMP working with O’Reilly Media sent a cease and desist letter to IT@Cork claiming they own the term and that [...]

Weblogs Work at Aspen Institute

Brian was in Washington DC this week speaking at the Aspen Institute on Disaster Communications. He has become something of an expert on the use of social media during a crisis. He talked with Tom Evslin while at the meeting, have a listen to his interview from Weblogs Worknotes: Tom Evslin Interview

My Laptop is Internet Famous!

The Valleyschwag guys featured my laptop in the “Battle of the Laptop Stickers.“  I am confident that “my laptop will kick your laptop’s butt!”

SuperNova2006: Connected Innovators

Mike and Kevin selected twelve companies to serve as ‘Connected Innovators‘ to be held at the SuperNova conference this year.  Here is the list: Ether.com Fleck.com LicketyShip LifeIO NetVibes PostApp Sharpcast SoonR StumbleUpon Vpod.tv Webaroo ZiXXo (that is my head on the front ow on the right)

Smart post: media more vc than vcs?

I don’t agree with Umair’s politics (even a little), but he writes interestings posts. His most recent I found most interesting: Research Note: Discovering the Wrong Future – Denuo Mini Case Study. (I also like the smart car too, no connection…via)

Regional Fed Board Reform!

Brad Feld has an interesting post about several questions the Fed Governors asked him to report on.  I won’t repeat them here, you can read it there instead.  The most interesting thing you can gleen from the questions is that the Fed really has no idea how venture capital investing works. Can you imagine?  Brad’s [...]