October 31, 2014

Ninja Branding

Who knew ninjas would come back as big as they are today.  Ask a Ninja, a favorite around our office, is the subject of Pete Cashmore’s post titled, “Branding 2.0 – Ask a Ninja.”  He has some interesting insights into “how smart individuals are building global brands with zero marketing dollars, simply by leveraging existing [...]

Elevator Pitch Podcast is Now Easy!

You may have seen the Elevator Pitch Podcast we created several weeks ago.  We created it so that anyone with an elevator pitch could upload an mp3 into the stream and immediately reach our listeners.  The exciting news is that more than 13,000 users have subscribed to the podcast.  The sad news is that there [...]

Friedman, Dickerson and Hunt are right: The World is Flat!

Tara Hunt’s post titled ‘The World is Mega Uber Bloody Flat‘ was a riff on Chad’s upcoming article with a working title of ‘The world is really really realy really f*cking flat’ that in turn is a play on Thomas Friedman’s book, ‘The World is Flat.’  I had read the book before our trip to [...]

The spirit of Barcamp: India Rocks!

Lots of conversations are going on about Barcamp Bangalore. It is clear to me that my new Indian friends really got the ‘spirit of barcamp’ as explained by Nichant Shah: So the barcamp bangalore came to a resounding end. It actually made a larger bang than the big bang, at least in the techie geekworld [...]

BarCamp as a Movement

What is BarCamp? Technology communities who previously depended on companies like O’Reilly to organize events on their behalf now self-organizing their own events. The typical O’Reilly conference can cost each participant $2000 plus travel. The typical BarCamp can be organized for less than $2000 for the entire event! The first BarCamp in Palo Alto was [...]

Bangalore Travel Series: No. 6 – Warnings and Tips

The water (don’t drink it, don’t brush your teeth with it, don’t eat veggies washed in it and so on). The airport is tiny (get there early, three hours is best two is the minimum). Get a prescription for Ambien to help with the time change. Getting a Visa in one day from Travisa. Hire [...]

Bangalore Travel Series: No. 5 – Where to shop

I learned long ago that it is smart to buy something for your wife while on a crazy international trips without her. I would suggest buying traditional Indian items such as a silk sari for your wife or daughter and a kurta for your son. If you are buying something for your husband I would [...]

Bangalore Travel Series: No. 4 – What to do

Since you are in Bangalore to work you might not have much free time, but if you find yourself with a few free hours grab your driver and get him to take you around the city to see the sights. Stick to the car (don’t get out much as it is not really worth the [...]

Bangalore Travel Series: No. 3 – Where to eat

I have no idea really, but if you insist read on. If you want western style food stick to the hotels (Oberoi and Leela). Our Indian hosts took us to a few restaurants that specialized in Southern Indian fare – I cannot recall their names or their locations. We took our Indian hosts to dinner [...]

Bangalore Travel Series: No. 2 – Where to stay

If your company is not putting you up in corporate housing you will need to stay at a hotel and as you will soon learn, hotels in Bangalore are VERY expensive. In fact, according to a study by PKF, Bangalore is the third most expensive city to stay in the world (London, Paris and New [...]