October 21, 2014

Digg SimpleTicket

Do Kevin a favor and Digg his project: read more | digg story  

Weblogs Work on the Map!

Fourio created the Web 2.0 Innovation Map and I was happy to see one of our own companies (Weblogs Work) made it. WTG Brian! You are on the map!      

SimpleTicket Stats.

Kevin released SimpleTicket (Architel’s Ruby on Rails based trouble ticket system) on January 28th. Here are the stats from SourceForge:               Project Rank DownloadsSaturday   56,824             7Sunday       4,294            48Monday       3,185            56 Two days after launch 111 people have downloaded our open source trouble ticket system. It would be interesting to see how many people start using [...]

Too close for comfort . . .

This was a view from an onlooker in east London… 

Mash Pit project: event in a box mashup

One of the projects that the Mash Pit team worked on yesterday was an ‘event in a box’ mashup. Their idea is to allow attendees (virtual and physical) to see (record) what is going from three perspectives 1) Visual (camera), 2) Dialogue (IRC chat), and 3) Informational (wiki). Here is the design idea:

BarCamps ARE exploding the conference business!

Jeff Jarvis is blogging about "Exploding the conference business" and Chris Messina is already doing it with his BarCamp un-conference series. We just finished holding our own BarCamp here in Dallas (check out the flickr stream here). Why give your treasure and mindshare to IDG? (They hold more than 170 conferences like the upcoming Open [...]

New VC Model?

Mark Evans posted ‘A New VC Model?‘ this morning on his blog. The concept is simple, the Web 2.0 landscape has helped many of us realize that, "the best services will market themselves virally" and that "development and distribution costs are modest" for most new startups. How can VCs participate in this new reality? He [...]

Mash Pit 2.0 Starts NOW!

It has been a busy weekend (BarCampDallas just wrapped up). Chris Messina is hosting the second Mash Pit at the Architel offices (the first with guys like Matt, Niall, Chris and Josh was held on January 18th) this morning at 10AM. Kevin (of soon to be SimpleTicket fame) will be representing Architel, Brian will be [...]

Flock is getting better…

Chris from Flock gave a great presentation on the product this evening at BarCampDallas.  I was there for the Web 2.0 launch, it was rough – trainwreck comes to mind.  They should fire their PR agency – keep it real – keep it expectations down.  Keep Chris out showing off the product – it will [...]


We are hosting BarCampDallas today.  Check out my flickr stream here.  Check out the wiki here.  Check out the live video feed here.