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Open Source Year in Review

CIO Magazine has a great list of the "Top Five Open Source Events of 2005" on their website.  The list:

  • Red Hat makes money from free software
  • Sun is making everything open source (except Java)
  • Motorola uses Linux in their phones
  • Firefox created 100MM downloads
  • VCs invested $400MM in open source start ups in 2005

They ask the question: What will happen in 2006? 

Microsoft Engineers Wanted for Architel

Are you high-speed?  Energetic?  Looking for a challenge? Ready to jump in the game?  Quit wasting your time, start getting ahead.  Join a company that is going somewhere – FAST!!!

High speed support from ArchitelArchitel provides IT support to small businesses in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Architel also sponsors an open source project called SimpleTicket as well as a set of pro-sumer blogging tools called Big in Japan.  Architel is looking for engineers to join the team.  Since Christmas they have added three new engineers and they are hoping to add two more before January 15th.  Are you looking for a new job?  Here is what they are looking for:

  • Microsoft engineers (Level II and III)
  • Four plus years of Microsoft server/desktop experience
  • Four year college degree (BA or BS) or
  • Former Military (USMC preferred)
  • Clean background and drug/tobacco free

They need engineers to support their clients.  You will get exposed to all of our businesses, but first and foremost you will be asked to provide engineering support to Architel’s small business clients.  If you are interested in joining the team email your resume, salary requirements and availability to us immediately.  If former military, in lue of degree, please indicate rank and type of discharge (be able to produce DD214). 


My old PowerBook for sale!

powerbook1.jpgI recently purchased a new 17" PowerBook G4 and want to sell my 15" PowerBook G4.  Here are the specs:

Part Number: M8859LL/A
Serial Number: QT3020GZN4M
Spec From Box: 1GHz, 14.2/512/60GB/SD/56K/AIRPORT
Existing Spec: 1MB L3 cache, 1GB SDRAM

I doubled the RAM to 1GB from the original 512MB.  It is running Max OSX Version 10.4.3 (Tiger).  Also, it has a nice SuperDrive (i.e. DVD burner/player).  The unit comes with the original box as well as a nice incase (foam cover – in picture). 

It is still covered by AppleCare until July 2006.   

PayPal Only!  Here is the ebay auction if you want to bid. 

Trivia: Who created Ruby?

ruby.jpgYukihiro Matsumoto (Matz) created Ruby, an object oriented programming language.  According to the TIOBE list, Ruby is only the 26th most popular language.  Rails is an application written to facilitate text processing and system administration in Ruby.

Many of you have asked, "what’s so great about Ruby?"  The truth is, Ruby does quite a few things well, but it is certianly not a perfect language.  Matz makes a pretty good argument about the imperfection of programming languages in an interview found here.   

For more information about Ruby and Ruby on Rails visit their respective Wikipedia articles.   

SimpleTicket Promotion

Simpleticket | open source trouble ticket system written using Ruby on RailsSimpleTicket is an open source initiative originally launched by Kevin Marvin from Architel.  I am pleased to announce that SimpleTicket is now a distinct business/initiative from it’s parent.  Kevin Marvin will serve as the president of SimpleTicket, leading a small team of five developers to continue development and promotion of the ruby on rails based open source ticketing system. 

Check out the new SimpleTicket site and blog.  If you are interested in participating in the project just shoot me an email and I will put you in touch with Kevin.  We are excited about the prospects of this new business – making money by giving something away!


Have you ever been to a movie without seeing a preview?  Your expectations are likely fairly low, but if the movie is halfway decent you are happy.  What about the flipside?  You have waited a year to see the latest blockbuster, but even if is ten times better than the previous movie you might be a little disappointed.  When your expectations are set too high the movie is a failure.  Solution?  Set expectations low…

Brian, and others, are riffing on the idea that Flock is overhyped.  I tend to agree.  Build something and let people start using – no need for a long drawn out PR blitz prior to the launch (note to self).  I am not sure I agree with David Parmet’s views on beta, alpha and prealpha (hehe), but there is something here.  Brian asks, "Who is doing the right kind of marketing given the new environment?"  I would love to know the answer.  Here are some of my ideas:

Flickr, Delicious, tech.memeorandum, and digg to name a few.  Want links?  Try Google – talk about good PR…

Looking for schools…

stmarks.pngOur son turned four this summer and we have started thinking about where he will attend first grade.  Michele and I convinced ourselves that we should find a private school after we watched a special program on public schools in North Texas on KERA.  Last month we started the process by visiting the St. Marks School of Texas.  Here are the stats:

  • Established: 1906 (really 1950)
  • School type: Non-sectarian 
  • Headmaster: Arnold E. Holtberg
  • Location: Preston & Royal
  • Enrollment 817 boys
  • Faculty 106
  • Mascot Lion
  • Athletics 17 sports
  • Website:

History: In the 50’s a group of Dallas businessmen wanted to create ‘East Coast’ education for Dallas boys.  The school was created by combining the Terrill School, Texas Country Day Schoo, and Cathedral School.

The Scoop:  St. Marks is one of the preeminent private schools in the United States.  28% of the schools is composed of minorities.  The school is "most comfortable for boys who are smart, competitive, and at least somewhat athletic."  80% of the faculty members have advanced degrees, and 25% have been at the school for more than 20 years.  

Student Life:  817 students, average class size 15, and overall student/faculty ratio of 8:1.  SAT scores range from 25-75th percentile is 1250-1520.  Most frequently attended colleges include Brown, Carnegie Mellon, Dartmough, Duke, Emory, Georgetown, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, University of Chicago, and the University of Texas at Austin.  

Notable Alumni:

So if you have any suggestions or ideas about private schools in North Texas please send them along.

Feed Icon Standard (Get on board)

You will note that we are using the new ‘standard’ feed icon on this blog.  Get with the program and start using the icon today!


Kids: Not Big in Japan…

sumo.jpgEvidently kids are not big in Japan as the AFP has reported that Japan’s population is declining.  Like Germany and Italy, Japanese young people find children to be a burden to their careers and lifestyle.  The government predicts that the population will be cut in half by 2100. 


Wright Amendment Poll Scandle

The Dallas Business Journal conducted an online survey attempting to determine whether or not Dallas residents support repeal of the Wright Amendment.  What was interesting was the attempt by American Airlines and the DFW International Airport Board to ‘rig’ the poll.  On the second day of the poll (December 6th) more than 2,200 votes were cast from an IP address inside of American Airlines and 196 votes from the Airport Board.  At the time this represented 99% of all votes cast. 

The poll ran through the 18th and by the end of voting the votes from American Airlines represented 25% of the total and almost 2% from the very small Airport Board.  Interesting given that these two organizations represent .00002% of those who might vote in such a poll.  I think even more interesting is that Southwest Airlines did not respond in kind, in fact less than 1% of the votes came from their network.   

This comes on the heals of American Airlines getting caught editing Southwest Airlines entry on Wikipedia.  My views on the Wright Amendment are not secret (I blogged about them here), but I am really surprised that American Airlines would stoop to this level.