October 22, 2014


This afternoon I had an interesting call from a gentlemen who said he was against outsourcing if 10,000 people lost their job (1 or 2 at a time was fine).  I explained to him that the U.S. was the destination of most global outsourcing (European outsource 4:1 more jobs to the U.S. than we outsource).  [...]

Rebate Boycott!

The Alarm:Clock suggests, "Just say no to rebates!"  I could not agree more.  Whenever I see something with a rebate price (assuming it is not instant – at the register) I avoid the product.  I like to pay a fair price for what I buy and not a higher price now on the promise of [...]

SXSW, will you be there?

What has become the ‘must attend’ interactive, film and music event in South is called SXSW held in Austin March 10-19, 2006.  It is likely that Big in Japan will be launched there as well as the second version of SimpleTicket.  Of course Weblogs Work will attend.  We are planning to stay for all three [...]

Exit Interviews

Do you conduct exit interviews?  For some reason Architel does not.  No one knows why, it is in the handbook that exit interviews ‘should’ be done, but for some reason no one wants to do them.  (I am going to start doing them for Architel) Rick Segal had an interesting post on exit interviews that [...]

What you have in common with 13,560 people:

According to AWSTATS 13,560 unique people read this blog in November.  Most of you read it on Mondays and Thursdays (not sure if this is due to you or my posting habits).  30% of you use Firefox and 23% use IE (2% of you use NetNewsWire).  Slightly more than 500 people actually read the blog [...]

Trackbacks – The Rules…

I get trackbacks from bloggers who do not link to my posts.  They notify my blog that their post contains a link to my post, but when I click back on the trackback I cannot find a link to my post. The rule is simple: only trackback posts which you link to.  Get it? 

Startup Authenticity

Interesting line of thinking from our favoriate NYC VC and Nick Denton.  They ask the question, which is better?  A. Coming up with an idea for a business, writing a business plan, recruiting a team and then raising capital to make your idea a reality – "You can design it from scratch, figuring out exactly [...]

Employment Agreements – Open Source Option?

We had a key hire at Architel accept a position only to back out after reading the boilerplate employment contract.  Architel’s primary objective having employees sign the contract is: To prevent former employees from sharing confidential information with competitors To prevent former employees from hiring or causing others to hire remaining employees To prevent former [...]

Microsoft outselling Linux!

Next week you will be reading quite a bit about the latest Gartner report that reveals that Microsoft outsold Linux last quarter.  What?  Businesses would rather pay for Windows server software than use ‘free’ Linux server software?  According to Gartner it seems so… Windows based servers accounted for 37% of the market, while Linux based [...]

Stats API – Notice to RSS Readers…

Remember how Jeff brought Dell to its knees (or atleast made a bunch of noise)?  This afternoon Jeff started a new jihad – this time he is going after My Yahoo, Google Reader, Pluck, Newsgator Enterprise and other RSS readers.  What does he want?  He wants his stats.  How many times are you delivering his [...]