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One last puzzle piece for open source

puzzle.gifOpen Source Risk Management Inc. (OSRM) provides insurance coverage to help businesses ensure the open-source license integrity of the software companies they acquire or applications they are using internally.  The policies, up to $10MM, are under written by Kiln PLC and Lloyd’s of London. 

Dallas gets another AV partner…

Austin Ventures recently hired Karl-Pekka Wilska, former president of Nokia Americas, as a partner.  AV will let him stay in the Dallas area and focus on telecom deals.  Karl joins recent hire of Tom Ball


Rails, they’re not just for railroads anymore…

Interesting article on c|net this morning titled, "Ruby on Rails chases simplicity in programming." The article condenses what we have been saying all summer, "it is a great tool for developing Web 2.0 applications."

The Burton Group, a research company, "recommends that corporate customers consider Ruby on Rails for new web development progrects." Why shouldn’t you use rails? The article suggests that it is only practical when you have complete control of the database schema – i.e. ‘green field’ applications. This is because Rails does not support common database features such as stored procedures. The Rails guys believe that ‘stored proceedures’ are "evil!"

Ruby has been around since the 1990s (invented in Japan) and David Hansson from 37Signals released the Rails version back in July of 2004.

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Web 2.0 is the new Red?


Request for comments:

We finalized the tool list for the beta launch of the Big in Japan project and elfURL made the cut. It will have to be rewritten to fit in the mix so I thought I would ask for ideas, suggestions or comments regarding the forthcoming makeover. The current idea list includes:

  • Write the new version of elfURL in Rails, and of course add some cool Ajax goodness.
  • Use CSS for the site and dump the tables.
  • Make it easier to ‘get’ the URL (now it is sort of a pain to highlight and copy).
  • Change the way elfURL creates delicious tags (instead of public tags, make them unique to the users delicious account)
  • Include Technorati tags in addition to the current Rel-Tags.
  • Offer suggested tags via Tagyu’s API.
  • Build in the TinyDisk hack – i.e. support it.
  • Improve the code to support the added requirements from TinyDisk.
  • Offer a password for URLs – i.e. if you want to keep them private.
  • Offer Apple and Konfabulator widgets for elfURL
  • Offer Movable Type and WordPress plugins.

Technorati Tags: ajax, css,, delicious, elfurl, jboss, movabletype, rails, rel-tags, rubyonrails, technorati, tinydisk, tinyurl, widgets, wordpress is now Delicious (.com)!

So your favoriate social bookmark site just keeps on rolling out the hits. First they added a cool search engine and now Joshua has added a builtin media player and something called tag bundles (don’t ask). Anyway, the best news is that you can now visit by visiting – try explaining to someone how to visit Mike thinks they should rebrand and dump the .us domain – I agree.

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Dixon Doll has another hit…

DCM’s Goodmail Systems just won major deals from AOL and Yahoo!  [via]

Status Plugin for WordPress via Merlin

merlin.jpgMerlin Mann is a must read for anyone who is breathing. For instance, today I was hanging around at the office after 5PM and decided to check out his blog. He was writing about his idea that everyone should have a status page. He pointed to a new WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create one. I IM’d Fred at Weblogs Work and asked him to install it for me. He had it up by the time I got home (just now) and I was able to add my status to this blog (check it out to the right). Neat huh? Anyway, thank Merlin for chaning lives, one plugin at a time…

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Our TV show was picked up!

MSR_Logo.jpgSome of you are aware that we produced a television pilot called MotorSport Ranch (I blogged about the ‘making of’ here). Anyway, the pilot aired all summer on INHD (an HDTV channel on most U.S. cable networks).
Recently VOOM bought the HDTV rights to air 13 episodes and we begin filming the series next month. The show is about a country club where the members race their cars instead of playing golf or tennis. We are fairly excited about the deal. We are in talks for a spin-off series where we bring international amature drivers to the ranch to duke it out for international bragging rights. Here is the show opener and here is the trailer.

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Back from Memphis…

I just got back from Memphis (so if you were looking for me, now you know). Anyway, have you ever been to the Memphis International Airport? It reminds me of an junior high school – low ceilings, school clocks, and porcelain water fountains. I like to call it, The Memphis International Junior High Airport. Why was I in Memphis? They have a huge Rails community that I was checking out (just kidding – my Dad and I were moving my Grandfather to Dallas).
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