October 21, 2014

Ruby on Rails Development

I was having a conversation with Eric Molitor (a Dallas programmer who is into Battlebots) today and we were talking about development in Rails.  I explained how our IT services company hired a programmer to redevelop the help desk and trouble ticket system in PHP.  The process took almost six months and the resulting product [...]

Web 5.0 – Not getting enough attention!

  Josh Hallett did another Web 2.0 post today you can read here.  Interestingly he detailed the Google search results of Web 2-4: Web 2.0 – 9,230,000 resultsWeb 2.1 – 19,700Web 3.0 – 38,300Web 4.0 – 16,100 I was wondering how many references to Web 5.0 there might be.  The results?  You will have to [...]

Got a Web 2.0 Idea? Need a Partner?

I had lunch with a lawyer/investor/angel who has an idea for a Web 2.0 application/business and he asked me how we could work together.  This blog is dedicated to "Web 2.0 initiatives in North Texas" so I thought it might be a great time to let everyone know how we might work together to create [...]

Web 2.0 Visualizations? Jargon-filled and Unreadable?

According to Barb Dywbwad from the Social Software Weblog, that is exactly why Tim O’Reilly’s and Dion Hinchcliffe’s visualizations are not simple enough.  Ironically Barb’s answer is to create more jargon-filled and unreadable graphics that I liked enough to reblog here.  Check out her post here.                       

Welcome to Google, no actually it is Googol, nevermind Google is fine.

Some interesting ‘did you know‘ facts about Google: Brin and Sergy didn’t know HTML when they started Google Google is a misspelling of the intended name, Googol These tibits from Marissa Mayer a product manager at Google.  I guess the fact that Google’s interface is so simple stems from the lack of HTML knowledge.  Want [...]

Ever use elfURL? The Web 2.0 way to shorten URLs.

I just blogged about this on Weblogs Work, but I thought I would reblog here.  On a whim we had a coder spend a few hours creating a URL redirection tool that would do more than TinyURL.  From my perspective TinyURL is a great idea.  If you have a long URL you just go to [...]

Ben Barren Aussie With That Certain Something…

So I stumbled upon Ben Barren’s blog today.  Here are a few of the titles of his most recent posts: Meta-Real Estate + PacMan Game Theory Take me to the Moon Google, with NASA anyway The 2.Out of Cash Jessica Alba Casting Couch Rules of Blogging + Social Networking The Usual News Corp + Yahoo [...]

Microsoft picks HD-DVD instead of Blu-Ray

Now maybe I can get our show on HD-DVD!  (FYI – if you didn’t realize, you cannot watch HD content on your existing DVD player)  Microsoft’s last minute decision should hasten the deployment of the HD-DVD standard and provide another nail in the coffin of Blu-Ray. [via]

1999 versus 2005 Web 2.0 Meme

  [via] [also, what is Web 2.0]  

“Cash is always king”

Fred Wilson does a regular post called "VC Cliche of the Week" and this week’s is a winner.  CASH IS KING!  He is dead on, check out his post here.  "The single most important financial metric for any startup company isn’t revenues, margin, headcount, or profits. Those are all important, for sure. But the number [...]