October 30, 2014

Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog

Brian Oberkirch, the CEO of Weblogs Work, is from a small town just outside of New Orleans called Slidell.  Both he and his wife were raised in the area, have parents living there, and have friends and relatives devastated by the hurricane.  Everytime Brian and I would talk he was telling about the lack of [...]

Web2.0 Business Plan Generator

It took me a minute to figure out that Nathan was going for after I found his ‘Gateway to Web2.0 Riches’ at odio.us.  Basically the site is a Web 2.0 Elevator Pitch Generator.  For all my buddies who have no idea what I am talking about, but want in on the Web 2.0 action – [...]

The Launch of Gahbunga (beta) ‘Hot or Not’ for your Camera Phone!

I can’t recall how we came to the decision to build Gahbunga, but I am happy to report that we are launching it in early beta this month.  If you visit the site you will be able to create an account, add friends and start using the service.  What is Gahbunga you ask?  Gahbunga is [...]

Why blogs work better than websites…

I was trying to explain to my father why it would make sense to move from his standard website to a blog style site.  I ran across this old diagram from Ricksweb and I thought I would reblog it here:        

The FCC to the rescue! Safer VoIP

In our offices we use VoIP from a local provider.  We have been using it since 2002 and have enjoyed the service and the flexibility of the technology.  In fact, we ship Cisco IP phones to Manila for our workers there and they work perfectly.  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I received an email [...]

LogoWorks 2.0 – Jeff Kearl gives us a peek!

In a previous post I indicated that I was happy with some of the logos received from LogoWorks and less than thrilled with others.  I made a few suggestions to Jeff only to learn that Jeff and his team were WAY ahead of me.  Jeff gave us a peak of some of the up and [...]

Christine Ekman from Evolve Adapt Survive 3Qs

Christine Ekman is the president of Evolve Adapt Survive.  I had the pleasure of meeting her first in 2001 when I was running LayerOne and more recently this month while she was in town working with a client based here in Dallas.    Q:  What is the elevator pitch for your company, Evolve Adapt Survive? [...]

Web 1.0 Worked For Me (first installment)

I decided to start a little series of posts I am going to call "Web 1.0 Worked For Me".  The first installment is about my first third-party shopping experience on the web.  Back in 1999 I was knee deep in fund-raising for LayerOne and travelled to my parents home near Walnut Creek (just outside of [...]

LogoWorks – Full Refund!!!

I got an email from Debbie from LogoWorks today.  She sent me notice that my credit card was refunded the full amount for both Architel logo projects.  Thanks LogoWorks (we will keep you using you for a our WebWorks projects). Thought, can you somehow give certain designers a unique ID on your system and show [...]

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