October 20, 2014

Logoworks – Mixed review

We are launching several new little web applications and needed quick, down and dirty logos for each. I had previously posted about Logoworks raising VC money. We paid for four logos and one of them really turned out great. The other three? Well one was an absolute throw away and the other two are ‘good [...]

Dallas Web2.0 Forum

I propose that we start the Dallas Web2.0 Forum: Frequency of meetings: once per month (same day each month) Duration of meetings: two hours (5-7PM) Location of meetings: our conference room (1950 Stemmons Frwy, Suite 2013) Format of meetings: YPO/YEO style (5 min updates, 1 presentation) Founding members: Amit Malhotra, Stuart Watson, Mike Orren, Brian [...]

Google – Do No Evil?

So I was reminded about the ten things Google found to be true. Number six is “You can make money without doing evil.” I wonder if they still believe this one. If you are reading the scores of articles regarding the alleged Google patent of RSS advertising you might just start to wonder too. Let [...]

Perhaps Google did NOT try to patent advertising in RSS feeds.

Interesting post from Brad Hill from the unofficial google weblog about the current buzz associated with the recent patent application for placing ad in RSS feeds. He notes that Google is not actually the applicant: “The listed inventor is Nelson Minar, whose online bio identifies him as a Google engineer. The word “Googleâ€? appears only [...]

Fred Wilson should read this post (tips for avid blog readers)

In a previous post I revealed that Fred Wilson had abandoned his newsreader. I had a few suggestions, but I think this recent post from To-Done! Working to live might be more helpful. If you are an avid reader of blogs check it out – Fred – you check it out too!

OPML files – have you ever lost yours?

This afternoon I spent an hour cleaning up my newsreader. I started to think about the number of hours I have spent adding RSS feeds and organizing those feeds in my newsreader (I use netnewswire). What if I lost my OPML file (the file that lists all of my RSS feeds and their groupings in [...]

The Internet is amazing…

This evening I engaged in a few simultaneous instant messaging conversations with our people and I was struck by how amazing the Internet is. My first IM session was with our coder in Sweden (Daniz), the second IM session was with our template designer in Argentina (Rodrigo), the third IM session was with our server [...]

Quiet venture deals and the emergence of Business Week’s blog

Business Week has some of the best blog content available on the internet. If you have not had a chance to subscribe to their content you should take some time and do so immediately. For those of you who are not regular readers Justin Hibbard reported on the ‘Quiet Deals of Q2‘ in the Business [...]

Mind of a Manager, Soul of a Leader (am I going mad?)

This evening I was reading Matt Blumberg’s OnlyOnce blog and it caused me to think about an indicent I had at Architel this morning. Matt reviews Craig Hickman’s Mind of a Manager, Soul of a Leader. Craig’s thesis is that the ideal organization is balanced and integrated between the two extremes. Matt suggests that the [...]

Great cross-platform widget workshop – Konfabulator! – bought by Yahoo!

Yahoo announced the acquisition of Konfabulator today. [link]