Come with challenges. Leave with a plan.

Leverage more than a decade of startup experience.

  • Raise Capital

    Raise Capital

    Together we will build a strategy to help you reach your fund raising goals.

  • Manage Your Board

    Manage Your Board

    Learn from my mistakes how to effectively manage your board of directors.

  • Build Your Team

    Build Your Team

    I’ll help you build your team without using expensive recruiters.

  • Retain Control

    Retain Control

    I’ll help you understand the ins and outs of keeping control of your company.

  • Merger & Acquisitions

    Merger & Acquisitions

    From deal negotiation to diligence I can help you put together a deal you can close.

  • Product Development

    Product Development

    I’ll help you develop your product and service to ensure market fit and profitability.

Three different plans depending on your needs

One day mobile app strategy sessions or a full year of startup consulting



For Early Stage Startups


  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Emails w/ 72hr Response
  • Weekly Meeting/Call (60 Minutes)
  • Annual Retreat in Silicon Valley
  • Member of your Board of Advisors/Directors in PR
  • *per month with one year contract


For Mobile App Startups


  • Initial Deep Dive Strategy Session
  • Emails w/ 72hr Response
  • Weekly Meeting/Call (60 Minutes)
  • Annual Retreat in Silicon Valley
  • Member of your Board of Advisors/Directors in PR
  • *per month with one year contract


One Day Strategy Session for Mobile Startups


  • Design, UX, UI
  • Features and Function
  • Growing Downloads
  • Driving Engagement
  • Measurement & Analysis
  • Recruiting & Funding
  • Member of your board of advisors

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Recommendations from entrepreneurs just like you:

Alexander is amazing, and one of the sharpest entrepreneurs that I've had the privilege to know. He's quick to identify business opportunities, create a big vision, and confident and creative in his execution. I also love the fact that he has a lot of fun along the way. Not only has he made a huge impact on the startup culture in Dallas, but he's also generous as a mentor, advisor, and friend.
I've worked with Alexander setting up my first business relationship at eBay, then Longboard and Bazaarvoice. Alexander is an exceptional leader and entrepreneur with a pragmatic and direct approach towards building companies. His balance and aptitude towards managing a team always apparent. I strongly recommend Alexander and hope to continue crossing paths for years to come.
For well over 15 years, Alexander has played a significant role behind the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship in North Texas. He has also advised numerous entrepreneurial companies and assisted with their formation, growth, and development. Alexander knows the start-up business well, has a proven track record of starting and growing businesses, has a demonstrated history of leadership, and a firm handle on operations.
Alexander is one of the brightest people I know. A true entrepreneur and visionary, he is able to see business opportunities in the midst of dynamic/chaotic markets and quickly build a business to take advantage of those opportunities. He has a considerable track record of success. I view him as a trusted advisor and confidante who brings passion and leadership to all endeavors. Highly Recommended!
Alexander is one-of-a-kind, when it comes to putting strategic business concepts and technology together. He has an uncanny knack for recognizing entrepreneurial excellence and bringing game changing ideas to life.
Alexander is the real deal. A thought leader and an innovator. He knows how to build a business and is good under pressure. It you're looking to protect and monitize an idea, Alexander is a great person to help you launch.
Alexander is one of the most impactful entrepreneurs in Texas. He has been a mentor, guide and has helped countless aspiring entrepreneurs. I've personally benefited from his advice many times and he has been very generous in sharing his thoughts at many different events including MIT enterprise forum events which I organized. He has a sharp eye for business opportunities, plenty of execution experience and a great work ethic. You will love working with him!
Alex is one of those rare entrepreneurs who has both been on the forefront of several emerging technology shifts; such as cloud services and mobile retail, as well as being a very visible catalyst for the greater start-up community at-large.
Alexander is at the epicenter of entrepreneurship in Dallas and in Texas. Few people have done more to develop and cultivate a start-up community and start-up culture for the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex. He generously lent his time, advice, and resources to the Traxo team when we first launched the business. Alexander is truly a top caliber entrepreneur with passion, insight and who has been there and done that many times over.
Alexander brings insight, thoughtfulness, and intellect ... especially to business in the start-up or ramp-up phases. Alexander is highly skilled in seeing the strengths inherent in a model, and connecting dots not always obvious. Further, Alexander quickly zeroes in on weaknesses and risks inherent, and offers constructive advice how these issues might best be mitigated. Any team that Alexander is the part of, is stronger as the result
Alexander has shown excellent business judgment and has brought concrete strategic and tactical directions to the the companies that he has run and to the boards where he has served as a director. Alexander is a sought after speaker at prestigious universities across the nation. Alexander’s industry experience and forward thinking have combined to make him a thought leader among entrepreneurs.
If you don't know Alexander, you don't know tech in Dallas. He has more connections, more great resources and more awesome advice than anyone else working with tech companies. Not only that but he is a visionary. He helps others achieve their goals as well as creating luck with his own ventures. He's always willing to listen to a new idea and point you in the right direction. And every event his puts on or supports is a fabulous place to meet like-minded, driven people. Alexander has done so much for me, helping me really get a foothold in the DFW area, my company and I are indebted to him forever.
Alexander's passion for startups is infectious. He goes out of his way to help entrepreneurs and the companies they create while supporting and growing the larger startup community in Dallas-Fort Worth. I can highly recommend reaching out to Alexander for whatever it is you might need.
Alexander is the consummate serial entrepreneur, with a long history of innovative ventures. What has always struck me about Alex is his unique style and approach to creating new companies--fast-moving and on the cutting-edge, recognizing and taking advantage of new trends before they hit the mainstream. But beyond his own personal successes, he is committed to cultivating entrepreneurship here in Dallas, something that's also near and dear to me. I look forward to seeing and helping Alex make Dallas synonymous with entrepreneurship.
I have known Alexander for over 10 years & have found him to be one of the most creative and energetic personalities I have ever known. His grasp of business acumen, abilities to see the large picture and focus on generating revenue here and now, and his outgoing personality are keys to his success and I would recommend him to any client interested in his company and his abilities.
Alexander and I originally met when he was the CEO of LayerOne, so we've known each other for over 10 years. From the moment I first met him, it was clearly apparent that he has all of the characteristics of a very successful entrepreneur. His insight, curiosity, consistency in challenging the status quo, vision and strategic sensibilities all contribute to breakthrough ideas and products. I always enjoy getting together with Alexander since he routinely imparts a nugget of market and/or technological wisdom that squares perfectly with emerging trends. Over the years, he has refined his read of market dynamics to a level I’ve rarely seen in the thousands of innovative entrepreneurs I’ve worked with over the last 20 years.
As a business attorney practicing in the technology hotbeds of California and Texas for over 10 years, I have had the privilege of meeting many really smart individuals with good ideas. But rare are the really smart individuals who are truly dogged in their determination to see an idea through successful implementation. Alexander is one of those few people. And, what more, he somehow finds time and energy to help many other entreprenuers along the path. Working with Alex is a really valuable and enjoyable experience for these reasons.
Alexander is a visionary leader, a compelling speaker, and a passionate advocate for retailers. As the founder of the Future of Retail Alliance, Alex is devoting his time, energy and ideas to helping brick-and-mortar retailers leverage mobile and other technologies in ways that benefit both their bottom line and their customers. Technology is disrupting the retail industry as never before, but for those who embrace rather than fear it, Alex is lighting a path forward.